Dec 212007

spent pretty much all day indoors. i haven’t been this sick in a long time. i’m hoping i don’t have an infection…my chest is hurting. hopefully, i’ll be feeling a little better tomorrow. we’ll see if i’ll be able to make the drive to Mom’s house… if not, it’s to the doctor.

a good friend of mine sent me a wonderful package a few weeks ago. included in the package was the double cd Instant Karma, Save Darfur (covers of John Lennon songs done by U2, Flaming Lips, Matisyahu, Corinne Bailey Rae..etc. etc.) My absolute favorite is Snow Patrol singing Isolation…they have a haunting wintry sound to them.

this year i purchased Gap “Red” gear for the kids. Good gifts with a cause. i’m tired of giving gifts without a conscience.

i received the best christmas card i’d ever received from a co-worker. it blew me away…gave the ole confidence a much needed boost.

currently reading Eat Pray Love. a pretty easy and enjoyable read.

still battling the holiday blues…what else can you do but get through the day and wait for the next. keep doing, being, hoping. believe that everything will be alright. another year ending and the ugly little fear of being alone rears its ugly head. maybe it’s not being alone but not having someone that cares for you…(someone besides family and friends), perhaps that’s the truly depressing part.

i took it to heart. i believed the forever and x’s and o’s at the end of sweet letters. i believed the long drives across an entire state, the long phone calls, the corny poems written on sloppy notepads…i believed…love is a precious little creature that should be respected and cherished, not abused.

ah well.

i’m getting tired. must lie down and try to get some sleep.
take care, be safe.

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  1. They’ve actually just proved that colds are more common in the winter because the rhinovirus survives in the environment longer under cold, dry conditions. Buy yourself a humidifier and jack up the heat.

    Get some sleep and feel better.

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