Aug 182007

Gary Oldman’s Dracula, i have to admit, is very very sexy…in the same way that Harvey Keitel’s character in The Piano is… they both disgust me a little but, at the same time, kind of turn me on. i find myself rooting for them to get the girl.
in fact, i’m a little intrigued by Mr. Oldman, so much so that i’ve placed Sid & Nancy on hold at the library. i’ve seen it before, but want to see it again.

maybe it’s that he chooses to play fucked up characters…maybe it’s that i’m intrigued by fucked up characters? maybe it’s just that i can’t resist messed up guys…they must have written “stupid girl” for me…

i mean, what woman doesn’t want some weirdly handsome man sucking on her neck?
in the middle of a summer night? which will involve some sweating, a little heat, and perhaps a glass of absinthe?

i say to all those single and weirdly handsome men out there right now, at 12:13 am to warm those lips up, i’m sitting here waiting…

bring on the night.

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