Aug 272007

so vick pleads guilty, says he’s sorry. what most people don’t really get is that this is more than just killing dogs…how about 5+ years of bait supply for these “fighting” dogs? sadly, most bait used are kittens and dogs stolen from a family front yard or adopted from shelters, etc.

how about justice for those animals as well? think about it…5 years worth of killing all kinds of animals to train dogs, and killing dogs that didn’t do well.

i’m sorry just doesn’t cut it. especially for someone involved in the lucrative business of professional sports. he had endorsements, he had a 6 figure salary.
he had fans who respected and looked up to him.

he’s sorry, sorry he got caught. sorry he’s losing millions. sorry he has become a pariah.

never ever underestimate the human-animal bond. this isn’t about who’s more important kids or dogs…this is about a unique and powerful bond that people share with their pets. the pet industry is a billion dollar business. i see folks plop down thousands everyday for their pets.

people love their pets. you mess with this bond…and you may as well go live on a deserted island because just as child molesters are shunned and sometimes even killed in prison, animal abusers are a 1/2 step away from the same treatment.


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Aug 242007

as written by my kitkats right hind limb.
well, this weekend the festivities begin. i’ll be moving. no more dealing with fucko the clown junior and senior.

bring on the night…

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Aug 182007

Gary Oldman’s Dracula, i have to admit, is very very sexy…in the same way that Harvey Keitel’s character in The Piano is… they both disgust me a little but, at the same time, kind of turn me on. i find myself rooting for them to get the girl.
in fact, i’m a little intrigued by Mr. Oldman, so much so that i’ve placed Sid & Nancy on hold at the library. i’ve seen it before, but want to see it again.

maybe it’s that he chooses to play fucked up characters…maybe it’s that i’m intrigued by fucked up characters? maybe it’s just that i can’t resist messed up guys…they must have written “stupid girl” for me…

i mean, what woman doesn’t want some weirdly handsome man sucking on her neck?
in the middle of a summer night? which will involve some sweating, a little heat, and perhaps a glass of absinthe?

i say to all those single and weirdly handsome men out there right now, at 12:13 am to warm those lips up, i’m sitting here waiting…

bring on the night.

do not pass go, do not collect…

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Aug 172007

you’re too old to lose it, too young to choose it
and the clocks waits so patiently on your song…


11:39pm and i’m still here…in this little box, in limbo, in fucken screechy whiny kid hell…but hey, there’s a nice breeze blowing through the window mini blinds, Dracula in the VCR, and a cold corona standing patiently by my computer mouse…

the powers that be have one hell of a sense of humor. me? i’m getting buzzed.
work is awesome. it is where my light is.