Jul 162007

“everyone believes, in how they think it ought to be”…

almost a year. this living in a box. is it the brain chemicals gone awry or the dull morning ride, grey and tight-lipped, that’s making the inside of me scream?

i want the men to give the women their seats
i want the money to miraculously show up for the surgery fido needs
i want my 7 year old aloe plant to not die
i want my cat to gain all of the weight she’s lost
i want the 3 year old upstairs in bed by 7pm
i want this stupid fucked up war to end
i want my 35 year old body back
i want cellphones to go away
i want to see and hear Dad again…

sometimes there is no place to belong in except here in now, in the laughter with tears, the heartache, and longing for a better…a better…i don’t know, but it should be better…and full of light with lots of blues and greens.

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