music maestro…

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Dec 242006

the who’s baba o’riley playing in the background…

and is franny back? new and improved? ready to tackle a new year, a new life, a new way of handling things? i hope so.

i don’t need to be forgiven…

and i always find myself, at this time of the year, editing and weeding all of the crap from my life…papers, people, junk. it’s the holidays. a time of reflection and renewal. time to brush off the sneakers and go for that long overdue run. time to pass the cookie aisle and hit the yogurt, fruit and veggie aisle instead. time to get past the stigma of “single” and just be. live my life because, really, it’s the only one i’ll get. the day is moving on and forward.

so must i.
updated life list:
-learn how to scull
-learn how to play the drums
-read more books
-run another 2 marathons

off the list:
-learn to drive
-finish school
-get my license
-find meaningful work
-run a marathon

currently reading:
“Murder at Golgotha”
current favorite band:
the Killers

*wish list:
new running sneaks
a handful of great moist kisses from a really gorgeous man… (hehehe)

merry merry


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Dec 202006

wonder and awe. where is the magic? the glitter? the face up to the sparkly fat snowflakes? cold noses and hands warming over hot chocolate filled mugs? i want to rest in childhood again. take comfort in mommy and daddy and teddybear…


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Dec 142006

never shines blinding bright, just a slow and steady glow.