Mar 042006

feeling melancholy. i guess that’s a given, me being me. some things never change…

i’m waiting. trying to be patient, because, really… nothing comes until it is ready… not answers, not people,….

no choice but to be patient. patient and busy. and busy i am, at work, in my spare time… busy being patient. this is nonsense. my head is swimming with images but no real words seem to come. maybe later.
recently viewed:
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Washington Square (hence the melancholy…)

i loved Tibby. my kind of gal

Jennifer Jason Leigh…one of the actors that makes it to a short favorites list. so under-rated.

currently listening to:
-Bruce Springsteen’s Devils & Dust cd
-Garden State film soundtrack

(hence the melancholy)

currently reading:
-Rule of Four
-waiting in the wings…is Marley and Me.

i guess there are just more colors in melancholy.

sleep is calling…

  2 Responses to “4”

  1. Over Christmas I was wrapping books at Barnes and Noble to earn money for the kitty cats when they had John Grogan in for a book signing. The weather was miserable that night – it had snowed during the day and everything was icing up. The line to get books signed was huge at first. I think everybody got there early so they could get home fast. During the last hour though, almost nobody came. I got to talk to Mr. Grogan a little bit. He’s a really neat guy.

  2. more colours, and for whatever reason, more poetry

    *hugs* mate


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