Nov 192005

home, is where i want to be
pick me up and turn me ’round


where is the girl who dives into the blue, splashing stardust and sparkly particles all over herself? i caught a glimpse, in the dead of night, no lights around ‘cept starlight, moonbeams, and glowy dog eyes, paws rustling the cold fall leaves, tail-wagging hope, home’s not a dream…
hope and disappointment
pity and hate
love and indifference
sorrow and okay

in between loving you to pieces and wanting to let go. i’ve been done for a while now, the song is getting old. up and down and surprisingly awful straight lined yuck. walking dead, raw and alive. 3 months turned me 10 years older. 6 years have broken my heart. and still, you reach for that dream. that possibility. that spark. still they can not manage to smother the girl, she’s been dead so many times now, Lazarus again, come home.

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