Sep 092005

i can’t watch or read anymore, it breaks my heart. here are a few links to organizations fighting the good fight… and for what it’s worth, i think the Red Cross needs to examine how they run their show. Reality is that most people love their pets and wanting to keep them safe shouldn’t be an issue. it’s high time the Red Cross join forces with organizations that help pets during disasters. There are many of us…far from our families who depend on our pets for companionship…at the very least, they should be able to depend on us to be safe and healthy.



Humane Society

Have a plan!

Houston SPCA

  2 Responses to “the animals…”

  1. What valyum said, ditto.

  2. you’re back again! i know what you mean. numb. just numb. i don’t know what to do or say or think or feel. just numb.

    happy birthday!!!!!!!

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