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Jul 262005
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shoulda, woulda, coulda

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Jul 212005

almost a month since i finished school. time flies, doesn’t it.

i keep getting hits from people i thought long gone. not sure why. what is it that they hope to find? what is it that they want?

caring only counts before the fact, not after. i’m still here, i’m still me, but i’ve done some things in my life, taken care of overdue stuff, and moved on…

sometimes, i’ll admit it, i think about how things might have turned out…and then remember that they turned out the way they were supposed to. for the record: we could have had lots of fun
we could have shared the sunday times peacefully
we could have danced around in our underwear on a tuesday night
we could have bought earplugs for you while i practiced drums
we could have taken 100 mile bike rides
we could have run a small farm
we could have played strip poker without cards
it could have been right…


“yeah but nobody searches
nobody cares somehow
when the loving that you’ve wasted
comes raining from a hapless cloud”

ps. Paul Banks has the face of an angel, i could just eat him up.

Jul 202005

much to say but i’m not talkin’, i’ve plugged myself in and am totally captured by Interpol.

C’mere is the most perfect 3:11 minutes ever (check it out on my links menu)

damn, they make me want to move back to NY (where crazy is okay in a cool kinda way as opposed to philly where crazy is freakin’ violent crazy)

“make revision to a dream
while you wait in the van…”

the city is in the girl

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Jul 162005

it took a life span with no cell mate
the long way back


in the dark. sometimes that’s where i’m most comfortable. orange glowing cigarette and interpol blaring in my ear…evil.

pure city girl thinking about strong farm hands. you can’t get rid of the lonely city. the apartment lights glowing a low yellow. they’re sitting in there, talking, not talking, kissing, in separate rooms.

you can break out into the great big loneness, grab your overcoat, plug into your favorite frown and walk. take a long walk down dirty city streets and blurry faces. the stars are neon signs lighting plastic happy, metallic promises, and chemical induced stability.

we are hard.

but we know it’s only to hide all our fragility. our papery thin egos, and lukewarm hopes.

i am the city today
and you should be in my space…

you’re not allowed

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Jul 132005
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