Jun 302005

for the saga of the soul-sucking job continues…
and my coping skills are nil

at this point i’m praying for a miracle
at this point a safe falling on my head would be welcomed

because it breaks my heart, my soul, my hope when i find myself in a situation that is worse than burning in hell.
it’s only day 4 of fulltime work now and already i’m at the brink of a nervous breakdown. and it pisses me off because morons shouldn’t have this power over me.

it’s like the asswipe who cuts me off on the road toting a freakin’ Jesus Blessed blah blah blah bumper sticker. apparently road manners aren’t inclusive in Thou Shalt Love Thy Neighbor…

do these folk have ANY clue?

so far:
i’ve had a ball thrown at me while driving and 2 firecrackers (lit i might add).

-is there any correlation between teen deaths and learning bad driving behavior from their parents????

-does everyone wake up and take stupid pills first thing?

-is there a fucking quota for annoying your co-worker until he/she hangs him/herself in frustration?

-and most importantly…why in the hell does the cleaning staff continue to steal the doorstop to my office??? i’m presently on #3… (these, i might add, are the same folk who get all gussied up for Sunday services at their local church and praise God all the while ignoring all of the misdeeds they do) do these folk think God is deaf, dumb and blind? can they appreciate the hypocrisy in which they live their lives? will they continue to horde doorstoppers?

-all of this meaningless shit… is soul-sucking.

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