Jun 292005

live 8 is this weekend, and the only acts i’d be willing to put up with 1 million people for is the dave matthews band and def leppard (i am afterall a child of the 80’s). i’m debating… do i go into the city or not…

it’s a sucky line-up.

although stevie wonder will be there, and i like him too…

something tells me to stay home and far from the madness. security will be tight, it’ll be hot, and there is bound to be stupidity lurking…just waiting to cause problems.

why oh why can’t i be close to hyde park instead of the museum of arts?

ah well, i still have to catch up on sleep and cleaning and begin studying for the exam. it’s still up in the air, but most likely, i won’t go.
i’m giving myself a week to relax and be totally lazy. i go to work, go home and sleep. watch a little tv and sleep some more. by the middle of next week, i should be donning the running shoes again and going to the gym. i don’t exactly feel fat, just unfit. and that’s an awful feeling. it makes me a little cranky.
i need to go bookcase shopping. too many books and not enough room. perhaps this weekend.
june is almost over. the month must have been wearing hermes wings.

  4 Responses to “why can’t i be in England???”

  1. p.s. thats a positive, i adore def leppard. i think they’re my fave band from the 80s

  2. def leppard!!!!!!

  3. i think it’s only going to be shown on MTV and VH1 and i don’t have cable. the more i think about it the less of a big deal it is.

  4. Isn’t there going to be a televised show that includes all the Live 8’s? That’s far more appealing. See the acts close up, without the gorrilla behind you breathing down your neck, the basketball player in front of you obstructing the view, the venders charging you next month’s rent for a hotdog, and the threat of a sudden thunderstorm hanging over your head. Besides, that way the cats can watch too.

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