Jun 242005

how do i work this?

it’s done, over. i can now scratch off another big goal on the do-to list:

I’ve completed school

and you may ask yourself, where does that highway go to???

and i’m on a long stretch of highway and i’m waiting for the signs to lead me to where i belong. it’ll be a while ’til i have the degree in my hand, i’ve got a huge tuition bill buried under piles of notepaper, junkmail, and tons of handouts from the coursework.

i made it through pathology
i made it through the driving
i made it through the doubts and fears
and still
there are more doubts and some fears, i guess they never completely go away. perhaps that is what keeps me on my toes, or pushes me to be better, learn more, remember more, go over the many many things i didn’t get right.


i finished.

next big step is getting my licensure
and finding gainful employment in my field of study.

i may just go home and have a beer. and perhaps, finish unpacking boxes from 3 months ago.

life is a journey isn’t it.

thank you to all the bovine, caprine, porcine, and especially equine souls that helped me learn and care.

  3 Responses to “and you may ask yourself…”

  1. congratulations franny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    wow, this calls for celebration


  2. wooooooooohooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! congratulations, mija!!!!!!!!!!!! did i ever mention that you could do anything? i’m so proud of you and proud for you, too.

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