Mar 232005

and you feel
like noone before
you steal
right under my door…


and even when i’m locked up shut tight as a new spring bud, you manage to get your small fingers into my layers. without even thinking or knowing. we’ve said goodbye too many times, every year it seems. and it’s dear, bittersweet. the ending is always right, but it hurts like hell anyway doesn’t it?

years. the dust of you scatters and settles in the same damned place. as complicated as a snowflake, you never could stay longer than it took my frozen little heart to thaw again.

you know. you feel. and ignore it. because it’s the right thing to do. the adult way. you’re hung up with strings and responsibilities. and i’m as free as a hummingbird.

and i’m singing to the air. sending love birdtalk, light to show you the way, and a pint of guinness to bring a smile to those crooked lips.

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