Feb 142005

well, i can sit here and mope about it… pontificate on how corporate america rams this holiday down our throats, tells us what we should expect every other commercial on tv…radio…billbooard…etc. i could feel isolated, alone, left out, unworthy, unloved, un-fill-in-the-blank.

yes. i’m wearing black today. mostly to be cynical and to amuse. this year, i’ve got nothing personal against the big V day. in fact, all i can think about are my accomplishments the past few months. my life is changing for the better, with or without a significant other at my side.

i am not defined by anyone but myself.

this day, as i hope all others, i wish for those with husbands, lovers, boyfriends, girlfriends, wives and kid(s)…that they take care and be good, supportive, kind, compassionate, and loving to eachother. be grateful for all you have and throw a few good thoughts to all those out there that are in less than ideal situations, are being abused physically, sexually, mentally, emotionally.

it’s one thing to be lonely
and quite another to be alone.

i’m alone and doin’ purty darned good.
how you doin?


ode to Amor

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Feb 142005
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Feb 102005

they don’t like it. how you’ve unfurled your soft petals, opened wide that great big hug. face to the sun, or catching raindrops, it’s a slight adjustment that doesn’t drag you down.

you’ll fly. you’ll fall. you’ll curse the sky…

you’ll go back to that steady pedaling on your crickety bike, body defiant to great big hills.

hurdler, optimist, jam-grooving single girl singing fly me to the moon…
you’re finding home now, the front door is your heart.

Feb 092005

when you’re busy walking, a bag of fresh fruits and veggies in each hand, walkman humming, the sun shining, wearing your favorite cords and track top and you spy…

the guy with disheveled hair, dark and punky, art tee-shirt and blazer and he’s walking towards you…looking at you looking at him, eye-balling him from head to toe.

you smile
he smiles

i am thinking it’s a sign that the freckles in our eyes
are mirror images and when we kiss they’re perfectly aligned


and it’s over in a flash, in a whisper, in half a second. and you’re happy ’cause you’ve connected in one small way to another person that’s alive, aware, awake, and amused at the entire affair that is life.

Feb 062005

’cause life is moving slowly but surely and it’s exciting and frightening and ALRIGHT!
beautiful Sunday, warmer than usual and sunny.
how you doin’?