Dec 232004

yesterday’s misguided comment but i will let it stand as a reminder to myself to never move away from the northeast coast. my patience and tolerance of such arguments is wearing thin. enough is enough is enough…
it’s been pretty quiet here at work and so i’ve gotten lots of stuff done that normally would have taken me longer if there were more people around. walked to work today and couldn’t believe how warm it was. still is, actually…and it’s also raining. i’d much rather have snow but i’m sure i’d feel differently if i had to drive in it.
tomorrow begins a nice long vacation for me. i freakin’ need it. after work, i’m heading downtown to purchase some baked goods from those wonderful Amish vendors, picking up meds for ms. orangehead, and then it’ll be apartment cleaning for the rest of the evening. i hate coming back from a vacation to a messy apartment…mind you, messy for me is dishes in the sink and cat dishes that haven’t been washed for a day…
gotta go. happy holidays.

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  1. I hope you and the kit-kats had a wonderful holiday. Ours are delighted with their new laser pointer – there were many games of red-dot last night.

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