Dec 222004

your wonderful decision to invade Iraq has yielded one of the worst attacks on American Soldiers to date. seems these guys can’t catch a break:
-they’ve got to soup up their humvees to stay “safer”, and i use the word loosely here…
-their families have to spend $$$ shopping online for equipment because mr. we-go-to-war-with-the-what-we-have rumsfeld is a freakin’ insentive idiot without a damned clue
-they apparently can’t sit down in the mess hall and eat in peace.

are any of the fools in these “red” states feeling the pain yet?
jeers to time magazine for choosing bush as person of the year. what the hell is that about??

how about Mattie Stepanik, a wonderful young boy of 13 who had more wisdom, grace and charity in his pinky than the entire bush family.

now that would have been an honorable choice, not some stubborn texan sending other people’s kids (un-prepared to add insult to injury) off to die in a war and effectively dividing the people in this country.

enjoy your christmas in camp david, mr. president. you might want to hit the confessional on the way to communion though…because,.if you can’t admit you made a mistake to the people of this country, you should, at the very least, admit it to God.

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