Dec 222004

we are all entitled to our opinions. the rule here at my diary is that you have to pay me a large sum of $$$ to buy your brand of bull.

ps. i’m a vegetarian.

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  1. oh save this massive amount of bull for someone else. i have to laugh, the military are fighting to save "our lives"….meanwhile the FDA is apparently churning out (without heeding the data from numerous costly studies at yours and my expense)meds that can kill you. who is kidding whom?

    ps. also, re: "they signed up for it"… what about the "back door" drafting that is going on for those who "signed up and served their time" only to get shipping papers after…nevermind the countless African American and Hispanic folk who sign up because it’s the only other option to get $$ for school…etc. WWII was a war that needed to be fought…Iraq is pure bush and rumsfeld bullshit.

    wake up lady.

  2. Our nation is not ran by just one man. Decisions are not made by one person. Look at who makes decisions and who has voted how. Yes, President Bush took us to war in Iraq. He did it with support of many people. Without that support, we could not have sent our troops over. Look at the history of our nation and who has voted how on supplying support and goods to our military.

    Our American Soldiers were not drafted into service. They signed up because they wanted to be there to protect our lives. They were sent to Iraq to help make certain that we do not loose another 3000+ lives in another attack on our nation and our people. For years, the signs of the attack on our nation went unnoticed. We allowed them to put bombs in a building and injure and killed our people to only allow them to fly planes into the very same building killing thousands. I will not blame any past president for this. Because again, we are a nation that is lead by one leader who must have the backing of many leaders. In our nation, we stand together. We make decisions together.

    If the war was a mistake, it was not a mistake by just President Bush. I was too my mistake for I voted for him. As I voted for others who serve with him in making the decisions that he made. The lack of equipment is a mistake that was made by those who voted to cut back on support some ten years or so ago. Again, not just one person but a large group of people and those people who voted for them and those people who did not vote. We are in this together. And in the spirit of the holiday season, I suggest that we take a deep breath and thank God that we live in a nation where we can help make changes. Where we have comfort in knowing that those that are serving anywhere to help us be safe are there doing their job.

    Merry Christmas.

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