May 242004

i’m having a Salamander moment…
someone out there did a search for flamingos and college and got an entry of mine.
currently, my mouth is numb. another dentist appointment, but this time only for minor repair on a filling. and i get to do it again next week! lady luck just keeps rolling the dice at my face. 😛
currently, my kitties are both probably having drinks on my clean bedspread with the A/C blowing through their fur. it’s headed to 90 again today and, bye golly, they sure as heck aren’t thinking about my sorry butt here at work.
-i’d like to take this time out to say (write) that life is amazingly strange.
-that if i had the choice between losing my sight or hearing, i’d give up sight
-and that TV and radio generally suck. Please Mr. Whedon, write something else…

May 232004

degrees today. it’s already close to 80 and it’s only 9am. i got up at around 5:30 and was out the door for a nice long run by 6:30. back home by 7:30. i’d rather go running in the morning, although it was still a little warmer than usual, there was a nice cool breeze. ran on the road…i love Sunday mornings. not alot of cars out, just squirrels and kitties and chipmunks. 😉 i also caught a glimpse of momma goose with about 9 babies walking the sidewalk along a very busy road. i was glad to see them go under the fence and into the water. safe and sound for now. do you drivers realize just how much you miss sitting in your metal death machines?
i just stumbled upon one of the local radio stations that plays old jazz for about 3 hours…Sinatra is crooning right now. and, although, i was never a Sinatra fan, he is a fabulous singer. heck, i must be getting a little older. he’s got a very romantic voice. and i have to kinda respect someone that offered to have woody’s legs broken. 😉 (he must still hold Mia dear)
i’m ready for a nap! and it’s only a little after 9am. i need to run some errands though and don’t want to wait until later this afternoon because it’ll be Africa-hot!
changed the soil in half of my plants. they’re looking better now. broke out my old Doors tapes. i forgot just how awesome Morrison Hotel is. summer music…
ciao&meow and get outside today!


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May 212004

meet me in outer space
we could spend the night
watch the earth come up
i’ve grown tired of that place
won’t you come with me
we could start again


jumping into the river feet first. no time for taking off clothes, no time for fussing with fancy watchbands or dollars in my pocket. and the water is cold. puckers everything up. skintight shirt. painted on pants. and under i go.
down into the deep green…
re-surface to the brilliant blue nightsky. clear and shiny. sparkling even. as refreshing to the eyes as the cold cold water is to hot skin. i could spend forever floating on my back, thinking ’bout things, feeling


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May 212004
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May 182004

there are times i’m looking for a way out…figuring it’ll be a mistake to get involved and step into the little seat on the ever terrorizing rollercoaster of romance (yes pathetic wording, i know). then, there are times that i feel compelled to show up at his door wearing nothing but a coat and carrying a large bottle of vodka in one pocket and chocolate in the other (pathetic image).

i have to say, i’ve never debated the issue as thoroughly as i have this time around.

you’re dangerous, ’cause you’re honest
you’re dangerous, you don’t know what you want…

i’ve been preoccupied with more serious concerns the past few days. hopefully, the news i’m waiting for will be unimpressive.
maintaining the steady…is about as easy as pinning jello to a wall.