May 242004

i’m having a Salamander moment…
someone out there did a search for flamingos and college and got an entry of mine.
currently, my mouth is numb. another dentist appointment, but this time only for minor repair on a filling. and i get to do it again next week! lady luck just keeps rolling the dice at my face. 😛
currently, my kitties are both probably having drinks on my clean bedspread with the A/C blowing through their fur. it’s headed to 90 again today and, bye golly, they sure as heck aren’t thinking about my sorry butt here at work.
-i’d like to take this time out to say (write) that life is amazingly strange.
-that if i had the choice between losing my sight or hearing, i’d give up sight
-and that TV and radio generally suck. Please Mr. Whedon, write something else…

  2 Responses to “flamingo college!”

  1. Don’t you just love the oddball hits that sometimes wend their way to your sitemeter? I’ve been getting a lot of dog + uveitis hits recently because of an entry I did for Wolf months ago. I surely hope that whoever it is isn’t using that as their sole base of reference!

  2. I got in a good radio station broadcast from Minn. this weekend. I listened to Europian blues, jazz and folk. The Irish performers were best.

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