May 232004

degrees today. it’s already close to 80 and it’s only 9am. i got up at around 5:30 and was out the door for a nice long run by 6:30. back home by 7:30. i’d rather go running in the morning, although it was still a little warmer than usual, there was a nice cool breeze. ran on the road…i love Sunday mornings. not alot of cars out, just squirrels and kitties and chipmunks. 😉 i also caught a glimpse of momma goose with about 9 babies walking the sidewalk along a very busy road. i was glad to see them go under the fence and into the water. safe and sound for now. do you drivers realize just how much you miss sitting in your metal death machines?
i just stumbled upon one of the local radio stations that plays old jazz for about 3 hours…Sinatra is crooning right now. and, although, i was never a Sinatra fan, he is a fabulous singer. heck, i must be getting a little older. he’s got a very romantic voice. and i have to kinda respect someone that offered to have woody’s legs broken. 😉 (he must still hold Mia dear)
i’m ready for a nap! and it’s only a little after 9am. i need to run some errands though and don’t want to wait until later this afternoon because it’ll be Africa-hot!
changed the soil in half of my plants. they’re looking better now. broke out my old Doors tapes. i forgot just how awesome Morrison Hotel is. summer music…
ciao&meow and get outside today!

  2 Responses to “90”

  1. re sinatra

    its not only old people who like monteverdi right?

    so its not only old ppl who like jazz.

    i am back, frann.


  2. nope, didn’t get notified for this one either. ahh well, glad its not just me

    i liked the sound of your weekend 🙂

    makes the week more bearable when its been a good one eh


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