May 182004

there are times i’m looking for a way out…figuring it’ll be a mistake to get involved and step into the little seat on the ever terrorizing rollercoaster of romance (yes pathetic wording, i know). then, there are times that i feel compelled to show up at his door wearing nothing but a coat and carrying a large bottle of vodka in one pocket and chocolate in the other (pathetic image).

i have to say, i’ve never debated the issue as thoroughly as i have this time around.

you’re dangerous, ’cause you’re honest
you’re dangerous, you don’t know what you want…

i’ve been preoccupied with more serious concerns the past few days. hopefully, the news i’m waiting for will be unimpressive.
maintaining the steady…is about as easy as pinning jello to a wall.

  4 Responses to “jello”

  1. !!!

    Salamander…the mink coat would definitely work, but i just wouldn’t have the heart…

    of course i could always try to persuade a few raccoons to position themselves strategically


  2. I know your feelings on the matter … BUT … the minks have been dead for over a generation, and it’s a lovely coat. If you decide to break down and do it, I’ll loan it to you. Vodka and chocolate need mink to complete the ensemble.

  3. yeah, but we all know the franster is a wuss…

  4. ”terrorizing rollercoaster of romance”

    Yup, that about describes it. I always hated the waiting for his phone call and becoming a basket case if he didn’t call and then turning into the ”I don’t really give a damn, to hell with him” later, only to progress into a soft gooey matter when the phone call finally did come.

    I like the naked under a coat and a bottle of vodka =)

    Wish I had thought of that! =)

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