May 272004

to you dear Virgo:
There’s no doubt about it. You’re hot. You’re fast and furious whether you’re taking care of business or playing games better than anyone else can understand. Cosmic heat turns up the volume on all of your endeavors. There’s good news everywhere you go. Maybe you hear what you need to hear. Maybe you’re the bolt of revelation that brightens someone else’s day. This is one case when just showing up can make all the difference. You see nothing but promise and potential when you look in the mirror. On a day like this, it’s hardly surprising that you would come first.

hmmm. not bad! 😉
i had no clue i was in the midst of a holiday weekend. wonderful. an extra day to get some much needed sleep and some work done around the apartment.

i’m in need of a decent slice of pizza and maybe a nice cold Corona. no such luck with the pizza here in philly. sorry…but NYC kicks ass when it comes to pizza and bagels.

it’s currently 9:29am and i wish i was still snuggled in my bed.


May 262004

Ronny Cammareri: I looked the wrong way and I lost my hand. He could make you look the wrong way and you could lose your whole head! line in the film Moonstruck
yep. the old head has gone the way of a helium balloon. my God! i hate being happy. it’s too much freakin’ work. and then there’s that little bitty problem of falling way way down…low into the dark. sucks.
2 things:
-i have No Clue what the hell i’m doing.
-3/4 of me doesn’t give a rat’s ass.


beautiful you

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May 252004

Tuesday. you rustled through 300+ thread sheets, soft summer fingers over smoothe thighs bringing the blood up. you’re today’s morning beauty, tousled leaf and flowered hair, delivering a perfect moist kiss over my blush pink…a wonder lover…tender, sweet and voiceless…leaving traces everywhere.