Apr 302004

chew on that one for a while…
one of the radio stations here has been playing a single from the new Beastie Boys cd. it’s not for sale yet, but the song kicks some serious butt…Ch-Check It Out. the boys go back to their old school ways. i predict it’ll be a huge hit in the clubs and influence large sales of adidas sweatsuits and sneaks…
lots happening this weekend. plus i hit the ole dentist on monday to pay out the ying yang for massive amounts of pain. can’t wait 😉
today and tomorrow promise to be awesome days weatherwise. t-storms are predicted for sunday.

ah well, not much else to report that i really want to report.
-i’m showered
-and at work.

*it’s friday. what else to say?!

Apr 282004

yep, i’ve got a metallica taste in my mouth. made a dentist appointment but damn it, i feel like total crap today. i’ve been sleeping lousy and it’s given me a pain in the neck/shoulder area. i’m sure it’s a little bit of stress and dental ache causing it too. i have been eating better though…

went for a short quick run monday night. it was raining and while my hooded sweatshirt was completely soaked, my legs and sneakers muddy and squishy, it was refreshing to run in the rain. i think i run well in lousy weather…the tough part is actually making it outdoors… if i spend more than 10 minutes debating, i usually end up lounging on the couch. can’t think too much, just have to go out there and get it done.
i need a massage. a real honest to goodness kick-ass full body massage. one that’ll leave me feeling like a quivering slab of j-e-l-l-o-.
i need a nap.

Apr 262004

when my buddy and i were writing regularly, (we’d actually overlap eachother’s letters)…one item always made the list of questions we’d ask eachother…and that was:

“so, what are you listening to these days?”

then we’d go on and on about what new music we’d stumbled onto, or what older music we were in the midst of rediscovering. we’d always fill the back of our envelopes with drawings, lyrics and sometimes cut out magazine pictures.

you can always tell where someone is at in their life just by asking them what they’re listening to. wouldn’t matter if you hadn’t kept in touch for 10 years…

every boyfriend comes with a soundtrack. some of them have really sucky songs/music. and some come with timeless tunes that can bring me back to events and memories that seem like they happened just yesterday.

yesterday i listened to Led Zeppelin’s first album and remembered blasting Communication Breakdown at 4am to drown out the loud sex in the room next door.
living in brooklyn with 2 other women and one guy (who was the one bagging one of the women) is never a good idea… hence i will never share living space with more than 1 person.

lately, i’ve been listening to my old albums…bowie, talking heads, even threw on simple minds (actually they were not that good)…back to the 80’s…
i have a great fondness for the 80’s. high school years, first try at college, second try at college, third try at college…my first real love. terrible mini-skirts in bright hot pink, red cat-eye sunglasses, billy idol posters on my wall…going to see purple rain with my buddy who wore a dog collar…

going to the midnight showing of Rocky Horror.
getting stoned at a really dumb flick with matt dillon (Flamingo Kid)
getting drunk in church parking lots in the middle of the night.
sneaking inside his house…making love while dark side of the moon played on.

i don’t think i’ve had a better decade than the 80’s. they were cheesy, silly, sweet, and horribly clothed. and in that huge mess of big hair, bad boy bands, and glitz…i met my soul mate.

if 2004 has taught me anything, it’s that love is a sneaky little sucker that can play dead for 20 years and slowly resurface stronger. i love him, but there isn’t much else i can/will do…

throw it up like confetti, hope little bits and pieces land where you are and open that creaky little 80’s door to your memory of laying in the dark and watching the equalizer to your Carver dance with Floyd.

Apr 252004

like a led zeppelin…

measuring a summer’s day, i only finds it slips away to grey,
the hours, they bring me pain.

tangerine, tangerine, living reflection from a dream;
i was her love, she was my queen, and now a thousand years between.

thinking how it used to be, does she still remember times like these?
to think of us again? and i do.

sunday is anything but. it’s a little cold. just enough to keep me indoors most of the day. the morning brought the long walk to work to get some stuff done i’d been meaning to for a while now. on the way i saw a grey tabby in the middle of the road. head smashed. i waited for the red light, found some plastic and moved the cat to the sidewalk. just couldn’t leave he/she there…

i don’t much care that people in cars watched. seems all life is disposable these days…
ms. orangehead and calicohead got extra kisses and loving today for all of the ones that don’t.
i’m waiting. for what? don’t much know. and sometimes, i just don’t care.

Apr 242004

and Cobain can you hear the spheres singing songs off stationtostation…

what a good album that is too.

not much going on. well, except for the meltdowns going on here and with my email. a nice little break from deardiary. the thoughts all just stayed in my head. sometimes that’s a good thing.

a beautiful day today. last night it rained hard and the thunder, well, it was loud and scary. everything got a good soaking though, because the grass, trees, and plants were lush and beautifully green.

not much else to say.