Mar 312004

last night, on my way home, i walked past a homeless guy huddled in a dirty old blanket and surrounded by his belongings. the lone apple in my lunch bag cried out…”you’re not going to eat me, give me away”…so, i got the apple from my bag, and walked back to the man and handed him the apple. he took it, looked at it, and “said, i don’t want this, i want beer” he handed the apple back to me. i said, “sorry, can’t help you there” and walked away a little surprised and progressively getting pissed. all i could muster up to say was, “only in philly”. wtf?
i’m still exhausted and am bordering on loopiness now. my time is slowly getting filled up. i guess that’s good. it’s been a while since i was totally busy like i was when i was going to classes. less time to get into trouble… although a little trouble could do me some good.
can the weather suck more or what?! it’s been rainy and cold for the past few days and it isn’t supposed to let up until after the weekend.
okay. i need something to eat. that bagel and golden delicious just didn’t cut it this morning. of course, only having a pita with hummus and half an avocado for dinner last night didn’t help.
i’m hungry. tired and ambitious…


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Mar 302004
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ruby tuesday…

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Mar 302004

here i sit eating cereal for lunch. it’s been busy these past 3 days and i just didn’t have the energy to cook last night (i usually bring leftovers for lunch the next day…)

cereal is, sometimes, the perfect food. only 3 things needed: spoon, cereal, and some sort of liquid… soy or cow…whatever…

yesterday i called out sick. had stuff to do, and am opting not to write about it here. sorry charlie, trix are for kids…
saturday and sunday i played:
-pet groomer
-garbage man
-athelete in training
-errand boy
-interior decorator
-heavy equipment mover
-and couch potato (by far the best role of them all…)

tons done. boring, but productive. that’s all that counts nelly!
very bummed that St. Joe’s didn’t make the final four. 🙁
they had an awesome season though and dammit it if they didn’t put the class back into a few philly fans. God knows those pro-ball losers are too busy being cry-babies to actually attempt to deliver some wins…
had a strange dream involving:
-Egyptian ghosts that were killing everyone
-everyone accept me…seems in a past life i was some sort of Egyptian princess.
it rocks to be in charge of what you dream!
the previous night i had a dream about a long lost lover. we hugged and hugged. it felt so real and great to see him. i was very very happy. dammit. why is it i keep dreaming about this man?
it sucks when you’re in charge of what you dream…
had the usual breakfast of champions:
jellybeans and coffee.
i’m wired, tired, and all around gone.

Mar 262004

and squeaky clean, new pants, old shirt, and devious smile on my face…
i’m out of jelly beans. i’m looking for something sweet. friday will unleash me to tight jeans and dreamy kisses. to dark corners and rumpled sheets, candle light bouncing off your creamy skin…
and it’s an addictive dive. a slow moving revving motorcycle waiting for the gun. pure chemical babies waiting for the bawl. when parts find negative spaces and turn them into one.
are you ready?
do you care?
one shot to oblivion.
tight, and clean, and done.

Mar 242004

walk into the jaws of hell,
walk into the jaws of hell,


yesterday, when i got home from work, i changed into running gear and took a nap. got up, stretched and hit the roadways. it was chilly and still light out. got home as it was getting dark… and out of disgust and frustration tinged with a hint of anger, i hit the basement and got an old broom, a dustpan, a garbage bag…wearing a yellow latex cleaning glove, i proceeded to sweep out the foyer (homeless man’s lair) of all the junk he uses to nest: leaves, papers, newspapers, and all the wrappers of stuff he consumes… he had stashes of garbage behind the bushes adjacent to the entrance way. i cleaned them out too.

i worked my way down the driveway and up the block and a little way down the block.
it was a pain in the ass. but i can’t be the complacent drone walking around pretending the mess doesn’t make a difference. a neighbor of mine made a quick entrance into the foyer, checked her mailbox and went back inside. i know she saw me.

shame sure rides high and often…
placed the garbage in the cans. put the stove on, boiled water for pasta and did sit-ups, push-ups, bicep..tricep…squats..with my 10lb weights. did some ballet leg work. never underestimate the power gravity has on muscle tone.
ate. showered. put the jammies on (white wife beater and a bathrobe) 😉
watched Law & Order SVU and part of the news
fell asleep on the couch.
got up at 1 am
did the dishes and put a work outfit together.
dreamed about Salamander doing gymnastics. can’t remember what else, but that in and of itself is pretty damned amusing…
don’t you think?!
this is how i end up sucked in
over my dead body


ps. i just polished off an entire bag of jellybeans….
who’s wired now?!