Feb 272004

i have no clue where this title came from…perhaps it’s the tiredness i’m feeling. i’m working on only a few hours sleep. took a very short (25 minute) nap for lunch. now, i’m sporting red marks on my face and dry contact lenses. tonight will be an early night…i’ll be in bed by 9pm…

the weekend weather promises to be extra mild (50’s)…my condolences to the southern states getting their butts kicked by mother nature…i’m hoping to get a few long runs in and doing lots of chores: the apartment needs a good thorough cleaning, laundry, shopping, and getting the cats prepped for when i go away. i hate leaving a mess, because it’s a mess i come home to.

12:59 pm and all i’m thinking right now is:
-i am in control of nothing
-sometimes, this can be a pretty damned good thing
-i am awfully silly
-but i wear a mean pair of black jeans doing it…



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Feb 272004
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Feb 262004

for my vacation! and i’m needing it about now. it’s been stressful the past few weeks.

i can’t help it. i’m trying to contain it…but i am freakin’ glowing. i’ve got a good chunk of time off, the sitters are set and warned about Homeless Man, my job is working with me for vaca and personal time not accrued (they’re letting me work it off when i get back), i’ve been running more than usual this week and Weezer’s Hash Pipe song is on… i love the bass line.

the sun is up, the sky is blue, it’s beautiful and so are you…
franny be sporting a smile.


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Feb 262004
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Feb 252004

where do we go, nobody knows
i’ve gotta say i’m on my way down
God give me style and give me grace
God put a smile upon my face


well. it’s funny how things work out. i have to say that i’m impressed with the powers that be. even when i’m down and getting those wonderful kicks in the gut, it all ultimately is a learning experience. it’s the testing of my mettle. dare me to get up.

you can run a race at full steam and have nothing left at the end…you have to stop. have wickedly painful side stitches, tight calves and burning lungs. you can run a race doing 12 minute miles. you hardly break a sweat, it takes too long to warm up…you end up the same as runner #1. you can do your homework 10 months before the race. condition your muscles, teach them to have stamina, to help you break through the wall of mile 21. you can read/research and try out the right foods/drinks to consume while racing. you can wear the right clothes, the right hat. train in snow and rain, in summer heat and humidity so that weather isn’t an issue on race day. finishing painfully is still finishing, but it’ll probably be oh so much better, finishing with a slight spring in your step. numbers never matter though…it’s all in the prepping baby…the prepping.

runners never buy new anything for race day. it’s a damned stupid thing to do.
i’m at a slow easy jog. i can speed up when i have to, slow down when i want to…i’m in control.
you can join in…i don’t bite.