Jan 242004

degrees this AM here in philly. what the heck am i doing up at 6:48 in the morning??? well, the plan was to go for a long run. a winter storm watch is in effect until 10:30am. i think i’m going to get dressed for a run and see if it’s do-able. i have to say that although i froze my hiney (so highschool!)doing the grocery shopping yesterday and walking home from the grocery store, i am definitely glad i did it. the mad rush for milk, bread, and any/all foods high in fat and sugar will be in effect. there’ll be lots of bad dumb driving and long lines at the check-out counter. a man’s gotta have his chips in this sort of weather… priorities damn it!

i’ve got an eye exam scheduled for today too! i have to go. these contacts are ruining my work day. (i confess to wearing contacts that are in extremely poor condition and i’m way overdue for an exam…bad and dumb me). anyhow, i am looking forward to actually being able to see better all of the time!

okay, it’s almost 7. time to get dressed and look like a crazed fitness person. it’s funny because i get the thumbs up from old men and suspicious looks from women. one guy laughed when he saw me coming and said “this young lady is ambitious”. you bet! half of the time it’s really tough to get out there, but once i do, it feels great and i feel great when i get done, get home to stretch and make breakfast (on weekends) or dinner (weekdays).

the body is a temple. respect it, treat it well. and it’ll return the favor.
sure, i may eventually become the neighborhood oldlady with cats, but i’ll have damned great legs and the ability to crack someone in the head with my cane without breaking my arm…

Jan 232004



because i DO have a sense of humor!

btw: this photo is from the annual Mummer’s Parade (New Year’s Day 2004) i have uploaded more photos of that particular day so check out my album. it was a fun time and tons of people came out to enjoy the festivities.

Jan 222004

pay for:
a headline in our illustrious rag:

Phila. worker accused in drug ring had record Police say he was dealing on the job. A city official said all applicants would undergo checks by June

they arrested this man and his brother (who was driving around with an unlicensed 9mm and ammo). their mom also works for the city, i’m sure she must be pretty darned proud about now.

fartlek –

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Jan 222004

running at full speed to a certain point, slowing down for a couple of minutes, and doing it again for at least a few repetitions. that’s what i ran yesterday. great stress reliever. icy sidewalks helped me decide not to go for a longer run. today, i won’t be going for a run. i’ve got someplace to be after work…

still a little miffed. i’ve heard many times that “you” allow people to treat you a certain way. if you act like a doormat, you’ll be treated like one. if you act like a roll of toilet paper to be used to clean up shit, shit will present itself at your door.

-i am not a doormat
-i am not a roll of tp

i give and give, put up, stay tight-lipped, and settle for less than great behavior thrown my way…all for what? i don’t particularly get anything out of it…just grief.

beware of:
fair weather friends
muddy shoes
and fecal matter with legs.

deadlines and

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Jan 212004

red marks on calendars hanging everywhere. belly hanging over slightly snug pants, jelly donut remnants at the corners of your mouth. to-do lists and bill envelopes waiting for bright stamps. pile of books in the corner, read and re-read for answers that never did come…

kneeling on a sunday morning in a dark pew. hoping to catch a glimpse of the heavenly, the wonderful in you. it’s all a long prayer and sometimes i blaspheme. i shake my fist and punch cold air, i let the bad “u” vowel float up like a helium balloon…

i take a long train ride in my head. i feel the sun’s warmth penetrating through the dirty window pane. i sit with hands folded in my lap, a catholic school girl rule hammered and tatooed onto my brain. i listen for soft piano playing, for the lone sexy horn, i try to picture great words coming from your mouth, but that picture never quite pans out…

back from the dreamy dreamy. snap to it, paint sharp edges. of proposals and promises, contracts and more bullshit papers that only function to kill trees and make birds homeless. stuffed suits and suit dresses, with perfectly lacquered hair, smile reporting tragedy and here’s the weather now…

if only i had proof that you broke down a little. that hot tears stream down your face for at least 5 minutes. that you thought about the little frozen doggy or baby washed ashore. that you realize the universe’s brilliance when it unfolds a flower…