Jan 302004

just had a cream cheese and strawberry jam sandwich on whole wheat toast. one of my dad’s favorite sandwiches. washed it down with a mug of coffee, Goya brand…kicks butt! latino children are introduced to coffee at a young age. when i visited PR with my Dad (i was 12), the home in which i was staying had 3 kids, the oldest being my age. every morning we all had warm pan de agua (very fluffy wonderful bread)with butter and a mug of coffee made with steamed milk. no creamer and milk was never cold. i remember when Mom used to make coffee using the old fashioned strainer, she’d boil water throw in the coffee and that big rich delicious smelling foam would rise until it reached the edge of the pot and then she’d turn the heat down and pour it through the strainer….i will NEVER smell coffee better than that.
homeless man update: i had sent my landlord an email regarding this situation. she turned up at the building later on that evening. i had heard a commotion and put my hooded sweatshirt on and sneaked (or at least tried to) downstairs to find she, some other lady and a guy taking the front door of the building off. they literally removed the front door making the foyer less appealing as a shelter from the cold. they also posted a sign about loitering and prosecuting… the plan is to get a lock put on the front door and coordinate the change with the local post office. unfortunately, this will take a little bit of time. but i must say that putting a lock on the front door will help me feel safer. now, there will be 2 locked doors to get through before you get to apartment doors. heavy old doors is always a plus when you live in an old building. i haven’t seen the man since wednesday morning. i really really hope he is getting the help that he needs.
need i say the word? okay…FRIDAY!!! never did i need a week to end more than this week. i’m pms’ing, i’m ornery, i’m tired, and eating way too much for my own good. i’ve filed my taxes and keeping this in mind…i purchased a piece of fitness equipment. i know that i will use it…and i need it for when the weather is too treacherous to run outside. i have a pair of free weights but it’s just not enough.
btw…my employer came through with a raise for all employees. it’s not much, but i’ll take whatever they give me at this point. i know that there are people out there getting laid off (KODAK,IBM), places shutting down (various hospitals owned by TENET)and/or folks that haven’t gotten a raise in years. so, i guess i’m not doing so bad working for an employer who has given us a raise that is retroactive…we usually get the raise in july…so my first check this month was a nice one. 🙂 i figured i’d invest in my health and fitness. it’s not a top of the line rowing machine, but i love rowing and it’ll be good enough for what i need it for. it works the upper body and legs and also gives a decent cardio workout (for when i don’t run). i’m pretty excited. i may splurge for a jump rope too (a great way to warm up!).
sad note today, one of our local dj’s passed away yesterday. he was one of the first to play Springsteen on the radio… R.I.P. Ed.

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  1. Laughs at Sal.

    Maybe we should rename her Grace.

  2. Starting of with strawberry/cream cheese sandwich, the landlord taking precautions, fitness machines and a…pay increase…DID YOU SAY RAISE?


    Good for you. Looks like that karma is touching everyone.

  3. have a good nap 😉

  4. Friday! Friday! Friday! Friday!

    *goes skipping and twirling about the room, hits head on door jam and knocks self out cold*

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