Jan 292004

love me. i know i know. as slippery as that hotspot, dull as a southern drawl. your bighead red flashes the greenlight, and the cars and noise go… tailing big hopes in fluff and puff, as brilliant as a giant powdered donut and no milk in the fridge…

you’ve missed the great deep message, it smudged off when you walked in. keep looking for the big to do, the last hurrah, the bright red light fell dim…electricity got sucked in.

you love me i know i know. as down and feathery as the pillows cradling my head, as dumb as luck on your dying day. enter nurse psychotropic, down the hatch now you’re there…

to where walls dance to weeping sounds and dogs laugh at your dingy gown.

(imagination and Angel inspired)

  2 Responses to “cheez-whiz”

  1. i think you’re the only one who thinks that… thanks though, i appreciate it. 😉

  2. You turn ordinary words into music.

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