Jan 272004

ice cream. WOW! i loved these ice cream bars when i was a kid, and now, breyer’s sells it by the pint! … that could almost be called EVIL. 😉
this coming wednesday night Great Performances will show 2 pieces by Paul Taylor Dance Company. i saw this company in the 80’s at City Center. his work can border on athletics. these dancers are awesome.
alas. i had to work today. yesterday…i took a 3 hour nap with the cats. :-))
i lazed around, read, watched the boob tube, went for a power walk and had ice cream for a late afternoon snack. how freakin’ great is that?!
don’t think i’ll be getting a run in this afternoon, but i’ll see what the weather is like once i get out of here. at least it isn’t so cold. who knows, maybe i’ll just run around my block about 30 times.
listened to disturbing news yesterday about a young mom who stabbed her 19 month old daughter and left her in the cold without a coat or shoes. 2 good samaritans found her sitting in the snow (with the knife still in her back) and flagged down a police car. the little girl is doing okay. the mom is in custody. apparently she’s suffering from post partum depression. how’s about ripping those damned ovaries out to cure that eh? (i know, i’m being pretty harsh). i just can’t understand why her parents, who both knew this girl was having a difficult time, did nothing to get this girl help. now, they step forward to say she doesn’t deserve to be in jail, she needs help…DUH! why can’t people step forward before tragedy strikes? it’s not like they didn’t know any better. what a mess.
of course the local rag posted as it’s cover page the bloody snow. how classy.
how disgusting. nothing surprises me anymore. people will DO ANYTHING to make a buck.
this is why i write about cats and ice cream, about running, and books. if only i had my own planet…
ciao&meow and remember: Pets need care during winter too…
-wash salt off your dog’s paws after a walk
-anti-freeze (sweet and appealing) = lethal to dogs and cats
-provide adequate shelter for outdoor pets (comfy dog house with proper bedding)
and most importantly be kind to strays.

  4 Responses to “strawberry shortcake”

  1. ice cream and pizza…anytime&anywhere! (as long as it’s good)


  2. *shakes her head in mute amazement*

  3. every day is a good day for ice cream!

  4. You’re eating ICE CREAM in this weather?????

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