Jan 302004

just had a cream cheese and strawberry jam sandwich on whole wheat toast. one of my dad’s favorite sandwiches. washed it down with a mug of coffee, Goya brand…kicks butt! latino children are introduced to coffee at a young age. when i visited PR with my Dad (i was 12), the home in which i was staying had 3 kids, the oldest being my age. every morning we all had warm pan de agua (very fluffy wonderful bread)with butter and a mug of coffee made with steamed milk. no creamer and milk was never cold. i remember when Mom used to make coffee using the old fashioned strainer, she’d boil water throw in the coffee and that big rich delicious smelling foam would rise until it reached the edge of the pot and then she’d turn the heat down and pour it through the strainer….i will NEVER smell coffee better than that.
homeless man update: i had sent my landlord an email regarding this situation. she turned up at the building later on that evening. i had heard a commotion and put my hooded sweatshirt on and sneaked (or at least tried to) downstairs to find she, some other lady and a guy taking the front door of the building off. they literally removed the front door making the foyer less appealing as a shelter from the cold. they also posted a sign about loitering and prosecuting… the plan is to get a lock put on the front door and coordinate the change with the local post office. unfortunately, this will take a little bit of time. but i must say that putting a lock on the front door will help me feel safer. now, there will be 2 locked doors to get through before you get to apartment doors. heavy old doors is always a plus when you live in an old building. i haven’t seen the man since wednesday morning. i really really hope he is getting the help that he needs.
need i say the word? okay…FRIDAY!!! never did i need a week to end more than this week. i’m pms’ing, i’m ornery, i’m tired, and eating way too much for my own good. i’ve filed my taxes and keeping this in mind…i purchased a piece of fitness equipment. i know that i will use it…and i need it for when the weather is too treacherous to run outside. i have a pair of free weights but it’s just not enough.
btw…my employer came through with a raise for all employees. it’s not much, but i’ll take whatever they give me at this point. i know that there are people out there getting laid off (KODAK,IBM), places shutting down (various hospitals owned by TENET)and/or folks that haven’t gotten a raise in years. so, i guess i’m not doing so bad working for an employer who has given us a raise that is retroactive…we usually get the raise in july…so my first check this month was a nice one. 🙂 i figured i’d invest in my health and fitness. it’s not a top of the line rowing machine, but i love rowing and it’ll be good enough for what i need it for. it works the upper body and legs and also gives a decent cardio workout (for when i don’t run). i’m pretty excited. i may splurge for a jump rope too (a great way to warm up!).
sad note today, one of our local dj’s passed away yesterday. he was one of the first to play Springsteen on the radio… R.I.P. Ed.

Jan 292004

love me. i know i know. as slippery as that hotspot, dull as a southern drawl. your bighead red flashes the greenlight, and the cars and noise go… tailing big hopes in fluff and puff, as brilliant as a giant powdered donut and no milk in the fridge…

you’ve missed the great deep message, it smudged off when you walked in. keep looking for the big to do, the last hurrah, the bright red light fell dim…electricity got sucked in.

you love me i know i know. as down and feathery as the pillows cradling my head, as dumb as luck on your dying day. enter nurse psychotropic, down the hatch now you’re there…

to where walls dance to weeping sounds and dogs laugh at your dingy gown.

(imagination and Angel inspired)

Jan 282004

this past weekend while i exited the building to go for a run, a neighbor of mine ran after me and stopped me to talk about a situation regarding our building. apparently a homeless man has decided to make our foyer his shelter from the cold weather and snow. i hadn’t run into this guy yet, but my neighbor did. he harrassed her when she wouldn’t give him money. she, in turn, enlisted the help of a large and intimidating neighbor to speak to the man and suggest that he leave…

the landlord was alerted of the situation and suggested we call the police or 911 (a dumb-ass idea).

anyhow, after i got back from my run i was kicking my feet up against the brick to shake off the snow and lo and behold, when i open the front door, there he is standing at 6+ ft…an intimidating character with, unfortunately a familiar subway smell to him. i quickly shut the door and entered the building through the back door. i called the landlord (usually a useless thing to do). the situation is basically left in the hands of the tenants. i spoke to the neighbor who had initially alerted me of the homeless man and she mentioned a phone number for a 24 hour service for the homeless…our local tv station ran a story about this service but my neighbor couldn’t remember the name or the phone number…i quickly went to work searching for this information. after a few keyword searches, i found the article and printed it out. i wrote a short blurb alerting the tenants about our visitor and that they should read the article, i made the phone number boldfaced.

this morning, i could smell the visitor from the floor above from where he was. he must have heard me coming down the stairs, because by the time i opened the security door, he had packed up shop and left. i saw him walking about 50ft ahead of me. i tried to see if he was wearing gloves. i thought about that coat i had in my closet, (the used one i had bought at Canal Jean Co. in the village) but i don’t think it’ll fit him, he’s a pretty big guy. he made a turn and walked down another block and stopped. i kept walking and that’s when he began yelling at me. but what put a little fear in me was when he asked if i was alone. now, being a city person, i know when you can give some lip and when you shouldn’t. this was one of those times to keep your much shut…i said nothing. i sent an email to my landlord strongly suggesting that she get more involved with trying to find a solution as i feel our safety (the tenants which are mostly single females, 1 elderly woman) is being tested.

it is a tough situation all the way around. i keep thinking and thinking about solutions and the only one that comes into mind that is pathetic and makes me angry is:

be a rich and/or celebrity so that these ugly little things in life are safely tucked away among the middle class lower class who work their asses off to raise their families, donate their time and efforts, rise to the occassion when it is called for and generally are used to getting life’s little ugly things dumped on them.

if only we could barter: i will pay to go and watch your movie if you donate time/money/something worthwhile to helping people who really need it. i will buy your outrageously priced coffee if you help the people that need it in my neighborhood.

these crazy days of making outrageous salaries that sometimes amount to more than the GNP of some third world countries HAS TO STOP! how can anyone need more when there are some that go without basic human necesities such as food, clothing and shelter?

i just don’t know…

Jan 272004

ice cream. WOW! i loved these ice cream bars when i was a kid, and now, breyer’s sells it by the pint! … that could almost be called EVIL. 😉
this coming wednesday night Great Performances will show 2 pieces by Paul Taylor Dance Company. i saw this company in the 80’s at City Center. his work can border on athletics. these dancers are awesome.
alas. i had to work today. yesterday…i took a 3 hour nap with the cats. :-))
i lazed around, read, watched the boob tube, went for a power walk and had ice cream for a late afternoon snack. how freakin’ great is that?!
don’t think i’ll be getting a run in this afternoon, but i’ll see what the weather is like once i get out of here. at least it isn’t so cold. who knows, maybe i’ll just run around my block about 30 times.
listened to disturbing news yesterday about a young mom who stabbed her 19 month old daughter and left her in the cold without a coat or shoes. 2 good samaritans found her sitting in the snow (with the knife still in her back) and flagged down a police car. the little girl is doing okay. the mom is in custody. apparently she’s suffering from post partum depression. how’s about ripping those damned ovaries out to cure that eh? (i know, i’m being pretty harsh). i just can’t understand why her parents, who both knew this girl was having a difficult time, did nothing to get this girl help. now, they step forward to say she doesn’t deserve to be in jail, she needs help…DUH! why can’t people step forward before tragedy strikes? it’s not like they didn’t know any better. what a mess.
of course the local rag posted as it’s cover page the bloody snow. how classy.
how disgusting. nothing surprises me anymore. people will DO ANYTHING to make a buck.
this is why i write about cats and ice cream, about running, and books. if only i had my own planet…
ciao&meow and remember: Pets need care during winter too…
-wash salt off your dog’s paws after a walk
-anti-freeze (sweet and appealing) = lethal to dogs and cats
-provide adequate shelter for outdoor pets (comfy dog house with proper bedding)
and most importantly be kind to strays.

Jan 262004



the midnight snow dance worked!
a toast to the powers that be that have given those of us who never call out sick and would like to save our personal/vacation time for something more important (ie: spending it with our family). every now and then it’s nice to get a day off that isn’t a holiday, isn’t some special kind of day…

and thanks for caring enough about the safety of your employees and patrons to let them stay home and avoid the slippery road car dance. those of us who take the bus or train to get to work thank you too for not making us stand outside in frigid weather.

a somewhat small gift today, but it’s good that sometimes the little guy does get a break.
so, i’ve got One Hundred Years of Solitudeby Gabriel Garcia Marquez to plow through. i’ve got mosby’s Comprehensive Review for Vet Techs to look through. i’ve showered but sit here in my snowman flannel jammies…i’ve had my morning cup of coffee and toast. the cats are fed and sleepy. and i’ve got the day off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my jammie design…

a good look at that calicoface!