reflecting off the black…

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Jun 072002

inspired by a not so nice image of the little bags collecting clothing under my eyes. they are not so noticeable in real life. lighting has a funny way of showing all the dimples on your thighs, and your buttocks…it’s like Glenda with her magic wand, come out come out where ever you are…

and i don’t care too much really. i’m freakin’ 36 and no amount of stuffing and folding, squeezing and holding in will change the simple fact that my ass has gotten chubby and that the only cure is getting off my ass and hitting the gym.

slimfast, atkins, fat burners, metabolite whatever…even liposuction.. (all ways of cutting corners, trying to get the prize without doing the work) a little thing like insufficient copper intake can stunt growth. and liposuction…well well…take a look at the most recent issue of archives of internal medicine to see the lovely infection on that not so lovely tummy…

-i’ve been good this week, motivated, disciplined. i’ve gone to the gym and done my time on the spinning bike, on the cybex machines, with the free weights. thighs. hot thighs require plies in first and second position with 10 lb weights. quads. hot quads require a long slow and hard hill climb on the bike the length of one metalhead song. hammies. hot hammies require 3 sets of reps of 12 at 90lbs on the hammie machine, fast go, slow return…

reverse sit-ups, push-ups, lots of stretching, lots of water…that’s where the real deal is. that’s where Ms. Fountain of Youth is hiding.

and may those bags pack up and leave.


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Jun 052002

got my practicum packet lordy! need to buy:


-at least 3 pairs of scrubs

-large 3-ring binder

-and a huge bottle of no-doze (just kidding)

*sent the practicum supervisor an email re: scheduling and this is the reply:

all rotations are at least 40hrs/week somewhere in the range of 8-4ish or 9-5ish. ES is an open schedule – you must work a total of 80 hrs including one weekend but can pick your shifts that are outlined for you w/ your rotation mate. ICU is a week of 4-12m M-Th and a week of overnights 10:30pm-6am.

I look forward to meeting you in July-

so if this works out, i can hopefully put in for the 8-4 shift on the regular daytime rotations and put in about 4 hours here at work, for 20 hours and maybe even put in a few more hours on the weekend. during the overnights and late shifts i can work here during the day, hit the gym for a shower and head to the hospital.

i’m thinking *this will be a damned great weight loss program* 😉

i’m getting kind of nervous. haven’t assisted in surgery in a long while. the heat of the lights, being gowned and gloved…i probably will faint a few times, until i get used to it again. blood doesn’t really bother me. heck, i hate getting poop on me more than blood.

*i have to go over normal value for TPR, PCV/TS, dosage & calculations!!! and have a basic understanding of disease processes.

*i have roughly 1 month to get myself together.

HA! help!