Jun 112002

nothing like a good workout. i’m carrying a tiredness, and it feels good. i feel smaller, lighter, i’m beginning to feel like my old self. and that’s always good.

will try to get up early tomorrow morning for another run. it’s amazing how it helps me feel so much more relaxed. i have to remember not to go to the gym monday nights, it’s just too packed! it kind of kills the momentum when you have to wait for a machine..

tomorrow, i’ll go running and after work, go for a long long bike ride, come home and use my free weights for upper back work. carrying groceries home is an arm workout in itself. my triceps are looking pretty decent. i’m not a fan of flabby triceps. of course the ole pooch (abs)is the worst and hardest body part to tame. women got the short end of the stick. soon enough, my tummy will be flat like it used to be… 100+ sit-ups work.

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