Jun 102002

up early and went for a nice morning run. i love it. not too many cars, lots of wildlife up and busy, and the air is nice and fresh. it’ll be a hot one today.

finally noticing the difference in my legs. been running and lifting and doing lots of stretches. by the end of this month i should be well on my way to feeling and being a heck of a lot more fit than i have the past 2 months.

got my new stethoscope on saturday! my poor cats… i’ve been bugging them all weekend plus i trimmed their nails, even on their hind legs. they didn’t like the hind leg business too much…but i had my secret weapon: a super sized beach towel (purple and green stripes) when they see this towel, they both bolt. but eventually they find themselves wrapped up like pigs in a blanket. they don’t struggle so much anymore because they know that once they are wrapped up, they can’t go anywhere. later, i rewarded them for being good with a little catnip. then we all took a nap on the couch. it gets crowded but for some reason, they both have to be on top of me.

did some studying too. for the record: biochem sucks. well…i do find the acid/base part interesting…

must dig through my god awful closet for my dosage/calculation text and some practice tests. good thing i had to purchase my vet hospital manual (waltham) i don’t think my present school offers this little gem but it’ll come in handy for my practicum. it’s got normal values for dogs, cats, pups, kittens, horses, birds, and most pocket pets (rats, mice, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs) plus some special species: iguanas, llamas, etc… too bad the other students don’t have this as a reference.

nice low-key weekend. mom is doing alright. the siblings that live out of state or more than 3 hours away will begin the trek home for the niece and nephew graduation. crap. when she was born, i was 18! now she’s 18. lordy. it’ll be strange to go back to my high school to watch them graduate. ‘course Mr. O will be here for 17 days. he’ll be at the graduation too. it’ll be good to see everyone again for a happier occasion.

told my sis to bring the dog…cause i’m bringing my stethoscope…the ideal situation would be to go visit her and her friends where i would have 6 more specimens to harrass. 😉 they hopefully forgot the last time i was there, when i shoved the heartworm meds down their throats…

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