Jun 102002

pass out the anti-psychotic meds yet? somewhere out there, someone is in great need of them…

  9 Responses to “did they”

  1. aren’t all worms essentially psychotic?

  2. Jade’s cats have a psychotic worm problem? This is going to be one for the text books!

  3. LOL!@Jade… for a moment i thought you meant you needed worm meds :-)) hehehe. nope, you are pretty darned level-headed missy!

  4. lol it’s me! i’m the one in need of the meds! 🙂

  5. okay Mr. O, you’ve given me a few ideas…hehehe

    be prepared.

  6. As long as you don’t use your new stethoscope on me, wrap me in that beach towel, or cut my toe nails…we will be just fine.

    Ah…hold on for a minute!

    On second thought…please cut my "claws!" 😉

  7. Atenolol here. Does a nice job of keeping the heart rate within reasonable limits, and Clueless seems to tolerate it well. Plus the pills are *tiny*, making them easy to hide at pilling time.

  8. my orangehead has a murmur too! she’s got HCM and is on diltiazem..

  9. I should loan you Clueless Wonder so you can check out his heart murmur! ACfH has really harsh sounding lungs, though I can’t for the life of me figure out why, since she never seems to be ill.

    I’m still looking for Clueless’s kidneys, actually. Small animal palpation was never my strong suit to begin with, and even with six pounds off of him, Clueless’s kidneys are will protected from probing fingers.

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