Jun 072002

four hours to go…

i wanna be sedated…


Dee Dee


depressing news.

hostages killed.

teen kidnapped.

femur found.

what the hell?


what can you do? but press on…keep moving…onward.


don’t know what i’ll do sunday. the Vet said i could take the final when i was back to my old self. as soon as she said that i wanted to say, “i’ll never be my old self again”. i’ll never quite get over it. things are going well for me, everything is in place. i guess it would be ashamed if i let it all go to waste. but i’ve learned to not hold on too tightly to anything. that’s the way of the world. if it comes, it’s a gift. but there is always loss coupled with the magic.

  9 Responses to “twenty twenty twenty…

  1. Tell Mr. Oshango I’m not above fighting dirty. If tickled, I am not responsible for what might get hit. It’s purely a defensive mechanism … nothing I have any control over.

  2. LOL@ salamander and oshango! Ms. Salamander, you forget the tickle factor…armpits can’t be guarded if your hands are busy holding on…

    and Oshango has lots of tickle experience 😉

    ps. i got my stethoscope today! 🙂 pity my cats though…

  3. Osh, I believe you are going to discover that, in at least one area, I’m stronger than you are. You’ll never be able to pry my fingers off of the door jam as you try to drag me out of the house to the gym. (grin)

  4. The truth is…the more you workout, the more you love to workout. 🙂

    And Sal…you better start eating your Wheaties and drinking lots of Gatorade!!

  5. Oh, and Mr. Osh is going to be dragging me to the gym only under strenuous protest.

    Strenuous protest, I tell you. That’s the only strenuous thing I do well.

    Well, almost the only one I do well.

  6. It’s hardly a news flash to tell you that anything worth having is at risk of being lost. All you can do is hold on, cherish it, and believe in the future.

    But then, I think you’re already doing that.

  7. ah, the horrid realization that the more you workout, the more you need to workout….or the ‘i-didn’t-realize-i-was-this-fat’ willies.

    i know the feeling.

    but i’m sure a certain duck would enlighten us on the truth 😉

  8. Looks like I’m going to have to drag Sal to the gym while I’m there! 😉

  9. "Fountain of Youth" or not … I still hate the gym.

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