May 302002

i am not.

today is the get together for my boss who is leaving for california tomorrow. (she’s the one who brought her cat in last friday). the party is at the big boss’ house. i’m sure she’s got a big beautiful house…i’m sure there will be lots of goodies to eat…

i’m staying at work.

~pre-menstrual and just not in the mood for chit-chat. plus, i’m trying to get my butt back into shape. but chocolate cake, cookies, pie, etc. etc. is just too tough for any human to resist.

went running saturday and monday

went to the gym tuesday and wednesday

did 100 sit-ups last night before bed

i’m going to the gym today to weight train and to use the cardio machines.

i feel freakin’ old, though the secretary keeps saying i look like i’m 27. i’ll take 27, 27 is good.


i’ve had basically 1 month of inactivity. i can’t, for the life of me, understand how people can live inactive lives. no running, walking, walking up the stairs…

exercise helps me feel better mentally and physically. end of story. i am much more positive, my posture is better, and i eat better, drink more water, more stress-free, even sleep better.

i can’t imagine living a life that entails eating take-out all of the time, driving to the corner store, and not touching a beautiful tree on a nice morning run.


currently sitting at work desk during breaktime and listening to my walkman.

money. can’t stand this pink floyd song. why can’t they play something from animals????????

for lunch? noodles with water chestnuts, bean sprouts, and midget corn.

breakfast? whole wheat toast and some animal crackers.

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