May 292002


~last week i spent hours looking for my wallet and resigned myself to the fact that it was stolen. even called and canceled a credit card. found it stuffed in the bag that held my mom’s repaired pocketbook…

~spent all morning searching for my work keys (the key to open the library, my office, my desk) alerted 3 security posts and the head trainer at the gym. had to have security open this morning while students gave me the death stare…

found my keys in my bag.


perhaps this is a good time to actually blame the cats…yeah, yeah…i found my keys hiding under the cat bed because my orangehead decided to play soccer with them and batted them off the desk and under her bed..

does that sound believable??

okay okay least i get a great and wonderful surprise this friday….

i’ll walk with a little eggyfoo on my face today. i guess i’ll tell them i found the keys.


1. get a better nights sleep.

2. get ear plugs because the new neighbor’s rottie likes to answer the other dog alarm across the way. why does it have to be at 3am though???

3. what to do about the squirrel fights??? this morning was ridiculous. of course it was still dark out so i couldn’t see a dang thing. but the screeches and screams coming from the tree were amazing. it must have been in extreme pain or fighting to the death because the screaming lasted for a good 5-7 minutes and then i heard a thud on the neighbor’s porch roof. i thought it dropped dead. then i heard the same dang commotion towards the front of the house. i fully expected to see a dead squirrel in the middle of the road. when i got out there…there was nothing. did the cats get him? i don’t think so.

they were just hanging by the front porch after being fed breakfast by the lady who likes to feed strays.

4. figure out a way to get my landlord to recycle. never mind that it’s a freakin’ law…she apparently doesn’t care. she’ll wait until she is summoned. in the meantime, i’m irritated that i can’t recycle. i stopped buying the newspaper for that reason. i try not to buy things that come in plastic containers…but it’s her responsibility and everytime i bring the subject up (always when i send my rent check) she manages to throw it back to me… what the hell can i do? i don’t have contact with our private carter. she does. it is their responsibility to furnish us with the blue boxes. i already contacted the city and they told me that the city won’t give blue boxes to apartment buildings with more than 6 units. we have 12. she knows all of this because i did the leg work the last time she asked me to. the ball is in her court and no amount of tacky unmailed postcard notes slipped under my door will change this. (*never hand deliver postcards from a vacation spot, it defeats the purpose)

*maybe it’s time to involve the rest of the tenants.

i really need the surprise that is coming friday, it’ll be great!!!!!


  7 Responses to “super”

  1. friday gonna make everything all right 😉

  2. lol@loverkitty not fighterkitty.

    what’s with squirrels lately? i’ve now heard three bizarre squirrel behavior stories. i’d blame them about the lost keys.

    glad you found them, though. whew!

  3. ha! he’s a loverkitty, not a fighterkitty!

  4. The cat did it. I sent Gwen a card yesterday with a big fool of a face of a dog with drooping guilty looking eyes on the front, and when you open it, it said, "the cat did it." I lost my wallet after visiting a friend who’s daughter came in with two other friends, and I promise they were high on something. She actually asked me if I wanted some "X"! When I got home, no wallet. So I called my friend, and of course, we both were focused on her daughter stealing it, as she’d discovered five dollars missing from her wallet. Wouldn’t you know it…I’d stuck the wallet in another pocket of my purse and just missed it when I looked. And I was about to accuse her daughter! I’m a really bad person when I look at my heart sometimes!

    Yesterday I saw something that you’d have loved. I was at a friend’s house, and he has a big fat cat. We were on the patio and birds came and landed right around the cat. When I said, "I can’t believe your cat"…my friend said, "me neither, the birds land right on his back, and he likes it. I need to take a video and send it to one of those animal shows." It was beautiful! and very funny. love and sidebar remarks to you on this lovely day from God!!!!

  5. lol@rodentia dignity

  6. nothing worse than fumbling for or losing keys!!! (well, there are…but it’s right up there in the frustration department) Hope you stay out of that rut!

    O-o-o-h surprise??……that’s something to look forward to!!

    ; )

  7. At least you found it before too much damage was done. You’ll remember that little fiasco a month or so back when I was sure ACfH had stolen my card case …?

    The squirrels used to abuse the birdfeeder priveleges mercilessly where I used to live. I found a Supersoaker water gun at a slightly opened window to be a great deterent. All I ever hurt was some rodentia dignity.

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