yes, yes, yes!!!

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Apr 192002




it’s freakin’ raining kitties and doggies!!!

and mother nature has pulled her hood over her head!!!!






solo duet

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Apr 192002

i’m the little girl today dragging her bookbag, hookeyplaying snuck away…

but it’s so beautiful

too beautiful today

i could have stayed on the train, my face in sunlight watching the scenery.

people watching. throwing on a mindsoundtrack, slow sax and xylophone making sweet love to smoothe sade’s voice blushing…

these are the moments…

when i notice just how green it’s gotten, how i still tend to name the trees as the train rides by, how i’m happy being just a number, one of the many slowdancing with the sun.

i lived today, the beautiful day, i sat in her lilac breath, felt her glowing big eyes, she’s wearing a gorgeous dress, birds pecking at her hem, butterflies balancing at each shoulderblade…

life is good today…

mojo risin’

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Apr 182002

patricia kennealy is too dang cool…

getting down to the wire and i’ve gone from warming the bench to throwing wicked fast balls…

i lost my walkman with brand new head phones plugged in, my favorite mixed tape inside…

the drug man gave me capsules for meds that i have to cut…

the train was running way behind, and final review would be soon…

tuition is $4500 for a class that lasts 3 months…

they held my walkman in the tutoring place

they changed my capsules to tablets and gave me a phat refund

the train was still late, but teacher was way late too

i didn’t miss a thing, and got out of class way soon

tuition is still $4500 but i just found out..

that my workplace will reimburse tuition

just cause i show up!

and a $1500 scholarship never hurts

my mojo’s right on track.