Apr 212002

breathe out so i could breathe you in


you’ll be my greatest work, the wonderful inspiration, platinum love

nothing can bring a chill to me, not even lady spring wearing a coat…

you’ll be my beatles sunday, my yellowsubmarine taking me to strange places

where i might have never been…


i’m mooning and i’m dreaming and i’m planning although the big guy says what is. but what good is getting up in the morning when there’s nothing but darkness everywhere? no, i’ve had my fill of darkdownlow, that trilogy has gotten its end.

do you wake up and say, “i’ve made it again” ?? do you see a clean blackboard, or is it all chalked up still? yesterday is gone, where are you going today? i’ve got my shorts on, my muddy running sneaks, a handful of milk duds moshing in my mouth, i’m running up and down hills, you’re stuck on waking up…

  8 Responses to “avm”

  1. just stopped by to say:

    ; )

    hope all is well

  2. this ones inspiring, think i need to clean a few blackboards

    thanks fran

  3. lol@damselita. If they were moshing in her mouth around the time she wrote this, I doubt there are any left to share with friends now. Just the way it is with Milk Duds. 😉

  4. You share those milk duds with friends, right? 😉

  5. sitting in front of the computer stuck on waking up.

  6. I woke up this morning and found the chalk from weeks gone past had returned to my freshly cleaned blackboard. I suspect a cockroach has been playing on the erasers and then walking across my territory.

    No matter. I have already called the exterminators.

  7. *carefully rolls up a hug and lays it next to your keyboard . . . yours to use if you choose*

    Everyone Needs A Hug,


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