Apr 192002

i simply am. i guess it’s partly the great weather and today i registered for my small animal practicum. i’m graduating next month! it’s really really sinking in that i’m almost done. i’m nervous and excited and the future is looking really wonderful. annoying things will always be around the corner, it’s the slight adjustment you make that helps you pass by them unscathed.

sort of like tai chi. move out of the way of the approaching opponent and help them get to where they are going…which is past you and usually onto the floor.

heck. i’m happy and proud. and excited. and scared to death that i won’t remember a dang thing i learned in school. but i said to myself before i started that i would do this. finish this. and do meaningful work. and if it’s helping granny say goodbye to her companion of 20 years in a humane and loving way, i’m there. if it’s cleaning up the little bit of poop so that fido can sleep in a clean cage, i’m there. if my hands are the ones to bag a little guy and put him in the freezer until the pet cemetary people come, my hands will do it with respect and my lips will say a prayer that the soul travels way up high.

i’m rambling.

but i’m in love.

i love.


and myself.

  6 Responses to “charged…”

  1. well, all i know is if my knickers are bunched up in the opposite side of the room, something good is coming up..hehehehe…


  2. I leave DD for three days and everybody’s got their knickers in a bunch…in like…the opposite corner of the room. What’s up with that?

    Or do I not want to know? 😉

  3. such a happy entry today!!

    I’m glad your feelin so fine***

    ; )

    thanks for inquiring about my mother…she’s gone out with friends tonight…I take it she’s feeling better.


    V V

  5. oh no! 😛

  6. I’m thinking of starting a senior citizen magazine called ”GASH” and posing as the centerfold.


    Muy caliente,


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