Jan 302002

a pin drop.
funny how when you hit the mark, put the arrow to the bullseye, vocal chords quiet down.

to the sin-less, feel free to pick up sticks…

lord, to think someone actually has clued me in that i have no life because i am “holed up in my apartment with cats and books” wonderful, thank you.

well, kiss my 4.0 GPA Ass sweetie.

and i am not bisexual (not that there is anything wrong with that)

HA! where’s my bow and arrows when i need them?! 😛

See which Greek Goddess you are.

out of the woodwork

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Jan 302002

i find it quite amusing that all of a sudden someone wants to know if i know how they can get in touch with daveinbawlmer. i gather that:

1. the person making the request is presently a diarist here but is using an old diary name hence the blast from the past.

2. they wish to stir the muck.

for the record:
-yes, the duck knows i speak with dave
-yes, i’ve told him everything i think, feel, etc. etc… in regards to mr. d
-no, i don’t keep in contact anymore because i finally realized that what i thought was love was not, a physical relationship doesn’t cut it for me…

so…if you can’t get a hold of dave, it’s probably because he never bothered to give you his email address (hint)… i will not give his email address out and i’m not going to play telephone or whatever. so as they say: You’re shit out of luck.

but have a good one.
franny 😉

ps. have the balls to use your present diary name next time.

Jan 292002

AND, at least my tits are real…

it takes a whole like more than barbed words to get me. 😛

such is life dealing with the wonderful world of the peanut gallery. those excluded know who you are…


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Jan 292002

what is it with some women that have to just tip the scale a little, put their little fucken toes on the line…
GOD. is noone satisfied with what they have? they have houses, men that love them, children and the list goes on…
BUT! and there always is a big BUTT thrown in there somewhere…they have to play the flirting game.

lord. grow-up. and while you’re at it. shut-up too.

Jan 282002

the mistaken title of a dance piece, when i asked the choreographer Kyoon (who is Korean) how he got the title, he said it was supposed to be “people, crowds”… makes sense…

crowds. follow the crowd, be part of the crowd, be part of the team, be eulogized by the team, be patted on the back. for what? for getting through life. heck. we all deserve a plaque if that’s the case…but as Mr. Orwell said, “some animals are more equal than others”…

i’ll go hang with the clouds, in the clouds, the view is clearer as opposed to the muddled crowd.

“i can see too many mouths open, too many eyes closed

not enough minds open, too many legs open…”