Dec 312001

from aerial view! hehe

lounging nude…


  6 Responses to “greensparklygirl…for you!”

  1. Beautiful sketches.

    Happy New Year.

  2. a-w-e-s-o-m-e!!

    thanks for the gift**

    Good luck with your list of things wanted and wished for. YOU deserve it!

    Happy New Year

  3. franny, those are muther fucking fantastic! i look forward to spending another year with you.

  4. i know, i know, i’m sorry to say i was part of his viewing audience for about 10 minutes! bad-bad!!!!

    when i get off of this computer, i’ll head to the livingroom in search of my pencils and lounging cat models!

  5. the most disturbing thing about jerry springer is that he actually has a viewing audience

    glad you have some time off

  6. o-o-oh I don’t watch those shows….they make me feel ill at ease.

    Thanks for liking my ‘bunny ball’ ; )

    did you break out the ‘sketch pad’??

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