Dec 302001

how beautiful the moon shone last night. her bright fingers lifted my chin and i could see through the blinds her quiet loveliness. why can’t everything be as real as the moon? why is life sometimes a game of cat’s cradle, severing heads and hands and hearts?

chubby robin couldn’t fly. sometimes i feel like God’s chess piece, he moved me to be witness to the injured robin safely crossing the always busy street. one tiny victory sent me home less burdened…sometimes i feel it’s a game of hot potato and i’ve been partnered with atlas. he’s got two left feet.

i wake up in the morning. i’m still here. so, down to the little farm across the street, to buy bananas, oranges, and golden delicious apples… cauliflower, plum tomatoes, and little carrot sticks…i’ve neglected my body how the heck can my soul work right? i’ve neglected the tai chi i’ve learned, i’ve neglected my soul searching sitting still…

i’ve filled my life this past year with roller coaster romance, coming and going, and cleaning dog butts. it all is a blur now, fast forward button pushed down, never paused. i’ve entangled my sense of reason in work’s petty web, i’ve dodged the door i’ve closed to God’s muffled back and forth steps…

  6 Responses to “full/empty”

  1. As long as you can enjoys the complex simplicities like the moon, the rest of the world will take care of itself.

    i have really enjoyed reading your diary. You always get me thinking and get me feeling.

  2. I can easily connect with the difficult tangles of your life. Keep on writing them down and you’ll make big leaps forward. Thanks for sharing your heart so eloquently. 😉

  3. hmmm, i too was contemplating the moon last night

    alas, no time to wax poetic about her ripeness. just as well i can come here and read your words instead

    you are weary from the fading year, i only hope that next year engulfs you with a sense of anticipation and peace

    love and hugs, dear franny


  4. HA! only you Ms. Lilith, only you!


  5. Cleaning dogbutts…..whoa…….reality check!

    You’ve got a romance and dogbutts thing going on there. Makes sense =)

  6. Hey!!!!! I wanted to describe the ‘moon’ that way!!….lol……the way you express things…thank God your around. You spit out the words that I think most of our hearts are trying to convey***

    Moi? Discipline??? I wish!! I’ve never had a New Years Resolution…….but this year that’s my goal.

    Yes…..Yes….break out the ‘sketch pad’ and share!

    ; )

    Happy New Year franny

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