Dec 272001

on my pajamas

red ribbon on her 2 yr old curls

smiley face dimples colored across white paper

star stickers on my head

chocolate icing

on my fingers

walls echoing laughter

from 9 squeezed in tight ’round the tree

8 chairs here, 4 chairs there

elbows dirty dancing

pass the mash potatoes please

tin foil for the kitkats

they like christmas dinner too

little girl hands raised for the aunty pick-up

older experienced hands wrapping ’round my face

for the daughter loving

and one balancing tear

for goodbye, mom & dad


  4 Responses to “frogs”

  1. Sounds good 😉

  2. i hope you had a wonderful time.

    Happy Holidays, franny.

  3. We need a picture of YOU in your ‘frog’ pajamas*

    I liked: ‘elbows dirty dancing’…..I don’t know how you think of these things!

    ; )

  4. Im a bit late, but I did want to come and wish you a happy Xmas. Better late than never I guess.



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