Dec 212001

is like always going home…all the shut-tight words spill out like the morning coffee on the surface of my desk…

and this is what it is. today is today. today my sutures are tight, hand-tied knots to stop the spilling of my guts.

suck up the gut, reach in the billfold, buy a little bit of happy bottled in mango shower gel, wrap the wordless i love you, with screaming silver ornaments, tie the gorgeous sorrow with exclamation red bows…

why should i feel guilty for giving today? i feel good that you feel good for having received a glorious box…who cares if santa wears a fake mustache and vinyl boots, or that the masses celebrate a little one’s birth? a coat is a coat is a coat for a cold one far away…a toy is a toy and what child can resist? the shiny fake hair or cocoa brown eyes, plastic hands always willing to shake hands, or share a make believe cup of tea?

sometimes my world is small, blinders at each eye, sometimes my world goes beyond seas. my little wrapped gifts may not change the world, but they change and heal me.

one little pebble eventually makes roaring waves…


You realise the true meaning of Christmas and try to avoid the commercialism.

Christmas Tree: 0/50 Snowman: 2/50 Santa Claus: 10/50 Reindeer: 11/50 Mistletoe: 15/50 Star: 25/50

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  8 Responses to “dehiscence”

  1. have a fabulous holiday season. 🙂

    *big hugs*


    i hope your christmas is as special as you are.



  3. Amen,franny =)

  4. "In spite of everything, i still believe that people are basically good at heart."

    – Anne Frank

    (i hope i didn’t butcher that quote too badly)

  5. when they’re gifts sent with your heart wrapped up inside, they mean the world 😉

    hi and i’m so glad to be in your country :))

    I LOVE AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. well Ms. Salamander, they’ll be looking for a while, i spelled in incorrectly! HA!! 🙂 the corrected spelling is on the entry itself.

    Ms. Monstergirl!!! i managed to gather my watercolor paper and ebony pencil…now to sit and draw! take care too!! 🙂

  7. You sure do be the ‘sweetestest’

    ; )

    take care

  8. Why do I have the sneaking suspicions that you’ve sent more than one person running to the dictionary today?

    I’m in the midst of getting one last diary entry together myself, and then I plan on vanishing like monofiliment vicryl myself until the new year. Be safe, be happy, be you.

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