Dec 182001

as a friend!

what the?

ah well, i could go on to list the things i’ve said that were the cause of this termination, but why bother? i obviously hit some nerves. well, dammit, that’s what happens when people bad mouth the pope and one of my favorite cathedrals.

-womens rights include being treated nicely by boyfriends, brothers, fathers, etc, not just by the church

-abortion rights are nice to fight for, but dammit, guys shouldn’t be asses when it comes to putting a condom on either

-the church doesn’t own exclusive rights to gay bashing….i’m afraid that there are many many people from all walks of life that gay bash.

i love it when people who have no idea what it’s like to be a woman, minority, or gay…how they shake their tamborines the loudest…

enough! i’ll slink away with my friendship pinkslip…

  13 Responses to “been terminated”

  1. Whatever happened, i am sorry. You are a wonderful woman, and i can not imagine anyone wanting to terminate a friendship with you.

    We’ll always love you franny!!

  2. i’ll take the job! you gals are awesome!!!

    thanks for cheering me up!


  3. I’ve never done ‘water-colors’ before…but I did go and buy some watercolor paints and paper. Sooo, yes I love the paper, the scent of oil paints and even like the stink of turpentine and oil mediums.

    Break some paint out ‘franny’ and share something with us?!

    ; )

  4. *is currently accepting applications*

  5. ahhh…sometimes friends are a pain in the @ss anyway……

  6. WTF?!!!!!!!! Well, if someone has terminated you, I’m going to assume you are available for an opening I happen to have here. The pay is lousy, the hours are terrible, and the working conditions are iffy, but other than that I’m a great friend to have around. (wry grin)

  7. a friendship pink slip? is that anything like a friendship detention notice? i have one of those taped above my computer.

  8. My thoughts and prayers with those who feel its loss. NYC has been through a lot.

    It’s one of those places i really want to go to before i die. We should book a special DD Field Trip.

  9. Let’s go someday!

    ; )

  10. you’d like soho, (south of houston st.) big lofts and lots of shops! i like the astor place area and st. marks (last hardcore punks holdout area)

    who needs to watch tv. just pop a squat on a stoop and people watch.

    an added bonus is the pink pussycat…with lots of interesting things available to buy.

  11. I wanna go romp around the ‘Soho’ district!

    ; )

  12. franny and the Duck moving back to NYC? Hasn’t that poor city been through enough?

    (Just joking, folks!)

  13. I think we need to move back! |

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