Nov 302001

we are deleting all your mp3’s.”

words from a tech dept. that can find my mp3’s and preoccupy themselves with deleting them, but can’t find the stunod that sat at my work desk for 3 hours one very early morning and changed my profile, changed my desktop, and watched videos, probably porn…

nevermind the countless complaints i hear from co-workers and students regarding that dept. because their passwords don’t work or they can’t find anyone in the lab to help them…and the list goes on…

how petty…


pogue mahone!

  8 Responses to ““at 3pm today…”

  1. hmmm

    i have little praise for most tech departments

    i think they are paid to frustrate the rest of us

    p.s. that book is most definitely still unwrapped, thus pretty much brand new, wohooo!!

  2. Beautiful tribute!

  3. What are they afraid of? That you were going to start up a Napster site in your spare time?


  4. i can hardly believe it. There’s not much else to say…

  5. …a moment of silence….

  6. [empty space not likely to be filled again]

  7. I can’t believe he’s gone. He’s in a better place…he added "class" to the Beatles.

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