Nov 292001

last night we had our suture lab. i have to say that i thoroughly enjoyed it and wished that it would have been longer so that i could have had the opportunity to learn more…

the first hand tie i did felt so natural, then, i started to think too much, and confused myself. it was a wee bit disgusting for me having to suture an incision made by the doctor on a chicken leg. but, i’m sure there will be much more disgusting things in my future, for heaven’s sake, i saw a dog pass part of a hanes her way tee shirt, the doc had to gently pull the rest of the shirt out with a hemastat…that was Nasty!!!

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  1. franny, my dog had something hanging from his butt once so I rushed him to the vet. It was panty hose. GROSS!

  2. well, I always said you could get graphic. I have to gooooooo now 😉


    that book Best of Life was published by AVON, (distributed by flare books) copyright 1973 by Time so it doesn’t have an author persay since it is a collection of photographs from Time magazine from 1936-1972

  4. heh heh … Have you heard the story about the dog that was at the vet hospital on at least three separate occasions in the same year for ingesting foreign bodies? He had an absolute fetish for his owner’s used underway, and kept blocking himself on them. You’d think she’d have bought a hamper with a lid or something.

    When you do your practical at the small animal hospital, make sure you ask one of the nurses that was around in ’97-98 about it ….

  5. yes, i will. injured animals don’t bother me…although, i haven’t been exposed to many… i worked in a small private practice for only a few months.. but there weren’t any outrageous cases. i think i’d see more if i worked in an emergency type setting

  6. ugh! that sounds pretty nasty.

    sweetie, darling, won’t you be working with injured animals?

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