Nov 282001

i’m on a roll it seems…

a professional team sports player was arrested, fined $2000 and has to work in an animal shelter for 15 days for abandoning his 3 month old rottie in a field.

the dog had been microchipped by the breeder so they were able to trace the dog back to him.. he bought the pup from a pet store for $1,100

lots of poop scooping for him!


on a less bitchy note: 3 weeks left for school!!!! YAY!

and then i finally get a break from school and from work… i miss home. i love school, but i’m practically going down in flames, i’m so burned out…

  10 Responses to “the microchip wins…”

  1. Sometimes…i can’t stand people.

  2. i’m glad he hadn’t hurt the dog. what a weird story.

  3. the mean man *scowl*

    hooray for the good ole countdown 😉

    may it arrive speedily

  4. had he harmed the dog physically? i can’t imagining doing such a thing, even if i were to view the animal as a stack of hundred dollar bills i just blew.

  5. I just heard the story on the radio. Turns out that he got the puppy from a local shelter, not a breeder. Guess that made the poor thing "disposable" in his eyes. He has to do community service at the local animal shelter.

    I’m not sure I want him taking care of animals. Let him clean cages and empty litter boxes, but don’t let him near the critters.

  6. `safely gives you a hug if you want one`

    Everyone Needs A Hug,


  7. nah, that’s not the doggy, but it looks just like him…


  8. Is that the dog in the photo? He is adorable! Poor Guy!!

    ps….keep the fire burning franny……3 more weeks….YOU can do it!

    ; )

  9. yes, i couldn’t understand it either, how someone can spend hundreds of dollars on a purebred dog, only to dump it…

    at least he admitted it was bad judgement. i’m really curious why he did it…

    he can’t own a pet for 5 years either…

  10. I begin to see the point of microchips! What I don’t get is why, if he was tired of the dog, he didn’t return it to the breeder or sell it to a good home. Papered Rotties are valuable animals. Humane issues notwithstanding, the idiot dumped hundreds of dollars worth of animal in the field.

    Don’t get me wrong. So far as I’m concerned, the humane issues do and always will come first. But I’ve found that if you point out the financial hit someone is taking because they aren’t treating their animals appropriately you often get better result than appealling to their more noble senses.

    Makes me ashamed to be a human being some times.

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