Nov 272001

“When you’re shooting, you are standing in the forest for really long periods of time, so you end up looking at the leaves and the sky and the trees,” Madonna recently told the BBC. “You have more of a respect for the things you eat when you go through or see the process of killing them.”

so, she needs a gun? to appreciate the sky, leaves and trees?? she needs to shoot something in order to learn how to respect it??? that’s like saying she needs to beat the crap out of her kids in order to learn how not to be a bad mom…

the blond dye has finally reached grey matter.

i suggest she hang out in ethiopia to learn to appreciate what she eats…

hang out underneath the subway, way below with the people who have zilch…to appreciate the sky and trees…

what can you expect from a woman that laughed when one of her crew members was raped…

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  1. now that’s shallow water existence if ever i read it

    how do these people become so acclaimed? perhaps the ‘talented’ ransom their brains for fame

  2. yeah..I read this quote recently too and had the same thought.

    I mean..if she wants to see the sky and trees, she should go for a damn naturewalk!

  3. You’re kidding, no???? mad-onna

  4. yea, but didn’t she get sued by some of her dancers???

  5. i saw truth or dare. i don’t remember a possible rape???????? she seemed close to her crew, from what i can remember.

    which part was that??

  6. ps. she didn’t start out with zilch. she was not born into poverty. she left michigan to pursue a career in the performing arts, dance and then, i believe she came to ny to pursue a singing career. there is where she struggled to get to where she is today. i can appreciate her hard work early in her career, she worked her ass off…and became a shrewd business woman, what changed my opinion of her was the non-chalant attitude in truth or dare when it becomes apparent that one of her staff may have been raped… i’m not so keen on her anymore but i can appreciate the gem that ray of light is.

  7. hi Jade,

    do a search on the BBC site using the google news resources and plug in Madonna in the search box. you will find an interview she did with Jo Whiley (not sure if i spelled her name correctly)…

    the quote at the top of this entry is not mine, but hers…

  8. Actually, Madonna’s a vegetarian. Hasn’t eaten meat in years. So, no, she isn’t killing animals to learn to appreciate them… my guess is that once again, the outspoken Madonna has been misunderstood. And she DID start out with zilch… no need for her to go to Ethiopia to learn about that… she used to get her meals out of garbage cans before she became world-famous.

  9. hmmmmm…..I’ve heard ‘Madonna’ was quoted in ‘Rolling Stones’ as saying something to the effect that she didn’t ‘eat anything that took a shit!

    I do love her ‘Ray of Light’ CD

    ; )

  10. well, i don’t buy meat or eat it…and still, i can have respect for what they (animals) go through when they are left untreated on the field with diseases because their time is almost up anyway…

    or as they are in the process of being slaughtered. no gun needed…

    i guess she needs a new gimmick to put her back in the paper, this war must be hell on her…


  11. `safely gives you a hug if you want one`

    Everyone Needs A Hug,

    SecretHugger Team

  12. I’m a Madonna fan. I’ve gone through the loving her and hating her and loving her thing many times. While she says stupid things from time to time, she’s had the ability to say and do whatever she wants get scrutinized for it and come back kicking ass again and again.

    Going through the process of getting your own meat is respectable. As opposed to always going to the grocery store to pick up your chicken that’s been confined to a cage the size of itself and then brutually slaughtered. Packaged up nicely and placed next to other little chickies.

  13. moonman, there’s a big difference between shooting pheasant and butchering a cow or horse… did you ever see Baraka? if you get a chance, pay close attention to the baby chick sequence…

    she wants to truly appreciate what she eats, let her visit a slaughter house…

  14. LOL@franny

    You noticed? Some times when she speaks I cringe.


  15. Ha!! That’s far out.

    There is something to that though… i think we (especially as Americans) take the idea of meat (and food in general) for granted. We all know where meat comes from, but i don’t think we truly comprehend the entire thing. i know i don’t Perhaps, in a strange way, killing your own food helps you to better appreciate it rather than just buying it after someone else does the dirty work. Heck, often times, we don’t even really cook anymore.

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